Voyeur theatre collective

makes relevant and engaging theatre for the MILLENNIAL generation.

Combining aspects of rave culture, cinema, and performance art, VTC innovates and revitalizes the theatrical art form, expanding its appeal for young people who consume entertainment in ever-evolving ways.  VTC’s work is celebratory, immersive, digital, and always unflinchingly intimate. 

Our process:

As a collective of young multi-media student artists, we borrow and steal aspects from all styles of entertainment and art to create performance events that embody the millennial experience.  

Our name, Voyeur Theatre Collective, refers to the way our work begins in a raw and unmediated state, wherein we bear witness to the full force of our own humanity. We use experimental, improvisation-based exercises to learn exactly what we need to say right in this moment, and how we need to say it. 

We relentlessly pursue sensation. We throw ourselves into a variety of environments, from the streets of Evanston to hot yoga studios to run-down college apartments. We don’t put on characters or even “Act,” per se; but rather, we behave as our freest selves within charged environments, allowing our memories, dreams, and fears to take us on unexpected journeys. 

As both creators and performers, we take material from these “lab sessions” and shape it into a shareable theatrical experience. Our work is distinctly millennial, because the stories we tell are based in our experiences as 20-something-year-olds native to the digital age.