North By Northwestern: Moving Theatre in a New Direction

Since you are in control of your own about:blank experience, you will never have to feel restricted by how you’re supposed to react or feel during any particular moment. But if you do feel the need to take out your cell phone, it’s ok—in fact, it’s encouraged.

Huffington post: MILLENNIAL theatre

Hollywood movies (The Hangover, Project X) and social media enshrine the idea of the ultimate party in a fetishization of loose-limbed glory. It’s easy to see these products as representative of the millennial experience, but it’s time to search for something more.
— Aliza Abarbanel, for Huffington Post

Northwestern Art review: the relentless pursuit of sensation

Sesh No More was the event equivalent of taking a normal party situation, an improv-based performance piece, and an unsuspecting college audience, and throwing them together.
— Aliza Abarbanel, for Northwestern Art Review