Entrainment • June 6-13 • Chi

* This is a private non-profit event for student benefit only. Status as student or relation of students involved will be verified at the door of the event.

Theatre. Can. Be. Thrilling.
But - theater is dying, and Millennials don’t seem to give a shit.  

Go to a play in Chicago or Evanston. The audience tends to be 70-year-old subscribers or self-identifying “theater people.” Meanwhile, non-artist youth would rather spend $40+ on a concert ticket or stay in bed watching Netflix than spend a mere $10 to see a play on a Friday night. Theater seems to be missing from the consciousness of young people, and we want to change that.  

Theater must communicate in a language that is relevant to its audience, and for millennials this means screen and image-based storytelling. However, simply throwing a projector into a play isn’t going to cut it. We believe that screen culture must infiltrate every aspect of the piece in both “what” is shared and “how” it’s shared. VTC uses multiple screens, consistent soundscape, live performers, and moving set pieces, because we believe millennials engage more deeply with content when they are able to consume it through multiple coherent channels.  

Our solution: Entrainment 

Voyeur Theatre Collective wants to incite a movement, a revolution to reposition theater as an art form in the minds of young people… catapulting it into their awareness as a viable and exciting entertainment option.  

We will launch our first private educational event in a Chicago warehouse in June 2015. The piece, entitled ENTRAINMENT, will serve to gather and engage a millennial audience with the ultimate goal of “rebranding” theater in the minds of our target audience.

Entrainment, a millennial play about reality and delusion, follows a group of college students during the moments before, during, and after a party. It explores what it feels like to be a young adult in 2015. Without ignoring the unmediated rawness of face-to-face interactions, we explore how screen culture is consciously and subconsciously dominating the human experience. The piece explores the simultaneous feelings of loneliness and euphoria we experience through our addiction to social media.


The piece is not a social commentary, nor is it a cautionary tale. We want to honestly explore these ideas in a way that engages an audience of “non-theater people.” Theatre. Can. Be. Thrilling.